Friday, June 04, 2010

Kansas City - Part I: Are we there yet?

Friday night. Seven o'clock. Car packed. Munchkin buckled.  On the road......for 15 hours.

We knew she'd be exhausted since she was at my parents all afternoon...and figure she'd sleep immediately.
HA!  She was still up  at 9:30pm saying, "Big trip." She finally gave it up at 9:45pm.
She'd only sleep for a few hours at a time and any time we'd stop for gas, she'd awaken.  Good little sport though.

There were a LOT of firsts on this trip.  It was her first fast food restaurant in almost two years. We didn't even say the word, "McDonald's" - we just called it a restaurant. :0

And her first orange juice.
She looks a little intoxicated in this picture, but it makes me laugh.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We finally got to Bonner Springs (the suburb where my inlaws live) and decided to stop in Wal-mart to buy milk and a few other essentials before we get to Iain's folks' house.  We walk into the produce department and wouldn't you know....Iain's mom is right there.  Gianna even recognized here. I was SO excited that she went straight to her Abuelita with hugs and kisses.

All that anticipation was so exciting. She was excited to be going to Tito and Tita's house (her version of Abuelito and Abuelita). We finally arrived at their home...
They have a lovely home, but our favorite part is the outdoors - where both my inlaws work so hard tending all their beautiful plants and flowers. They definitely have green thumbs.
Tita had fun giving Gianna a tour.

"Hi Mommy!" was the number one spoken phrase of the trip.
These next shots, she saw me with my camera and started smiling and saying, "Cheese, Mommy!"

Cute little birdbath.
Who knew birds really do take baths in these things?
Click HERE for Part II.

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