Thursday, December 23, 2010

And nine....counting Rudolph

A few weeks ago, our Story Time at the local library, showcased a couple from Arkansas who write and perform children music...Terry & Brian Kinder.  When we walked into to our usually familiar surroundings, Gianna actually got VERY nervous.  She had a death grip on my hand and looked like she'd seen a ghost.  She's usually very comfortable and animated during Story Time, but not that day. The performance was so darn cute, but Gianna hardly participated.  The other adults got tickled but her shy behavior.

I bought the Kinder's Christmas CD to listen to in the car.  Later that day, Iain took Gianna to run errands.  He happened to catch Gianna in the rearview mirror doing the motions to the reindeer song.  Turns out she knew all the words and motions to all the songs.  Turkey.


  1. What a turkey! Y'all have a Merry Christmas Lewis'!

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