Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Party time....

Well, almost a month later - I'm finally posting about Gianna's birthday party.

The theme was - use whatever you have around the house to throw a 3 year old party.....starting with the invitations.

The theme was Cupcakes...if that is even considered a theme.
I found these cupcake placemats for 96 cents at Pier One in November. I knew I'd figure some way to use them.  (I cut the letters out of felt that I already had....didn't even have to glue them!)
She was given a fancy party had for her first birthday, I've uncovered it and re-covered it each year.
Simple spread...just had hotdots and cupcakes. (Chips and dips too.)
I wasn't sure if just cupcakes would suffice, so I finally got to use my giant cupcake mold and put the humungo cupcake on top of a cake.
Little friends (and big ones too) made for a fun time.
Lovin' from Nanny Jeanne and Uncle Alan...
Our PRECIOUS godchild, Nate...
Precious indeed!
The gifts were awesome! And SO appreciated.
My family was in Florida for the funeral of a close family friend of ours, but Uncle Vinnie gave Gianna an awesome gift....
And right before we were getting ready to sing Happy Birthday, Gianna got the BEST gift!  MeMaw and PePaw caught an earlier flight and made it just in time to celebrate with us!
(I was TERRIBLE with my camera on party day.  I missed so many shots and so many people.)

* * * * *
And Mommy schemed up an idea for she and Daddy to give to their big three year old.
Daddy even built it himself!

(She's been holding concerts ever since she got her karaoke machine at Christmas.)

The stage was a hit.
The party was a success.
And the momma was tired.
And as happy as I am to celebrate my child, I'm SO glad we have another 11 months to think about another party. :)

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