Monday, July 09, 2012

Swimmer Extraordinaire

My Little Swimmer
She's always been a water baby.  Last year we tried swimming lessons for the first time. We LOVED Gianna's instructor and he got quite a kick out of her.  She was a good sport, but I spent a lot of money on gummy treats trying to bribe her to put her face/head in the water. 

This year, we were packing and moving at the start of summer so there was no time for lessons.  We moved in with my parents (temporarily) and they happen to have a pool.  After 2 and a half  weeks of swimming every day, this is what we got....

I am still impressed. She does more and better every day. I'm thinking we may forego traditional swimming lessons this year. Maybe we will do like my friend who has her kids take lessons in the winter/early spring. And maybe not. Her PePaw bought her an olympic swimmer shirt.

Well-deserved Gianna.


  1. That is FANTASTIC! I loved it. I was cheering her on from here!

  2. She is fantastic! How in the world is she getting so big? She is more precious every time I see her, love the new pictures in the header.

  3. Awesome!! Way to go Gianna!!


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