Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Little Tadpole

Gianna loved the pool last year.
Gianna LOVES the pool this year.

Daddy got a salt water filter for the little 15 ft. above ground pool and it's been crystal clear every day so far which has been great for our daily swims. (I'm so impressed with the whole salt-water technology.)

I've not been a big fan of floaties or swim wings...just because I like for Gianna to have a true sense of the water and to know the fact that she has limitations and must be careful - not to mention the false sense of security they sometimes provide for kids and adults.

Having said that, I discovered a little article about these cool floaties called Puddle Jumpers.
I loved that there is a boyant band around the waste/chest so that their arms aren't the only things keeping them afloat.

When Uncle Vinne asked what he should get Gianna for her birthday, these were high on my list. 
(I know, I haven't done any birthday posts yet.  They're coming.)

Most of the swimming we've been doing has been in our own pool, so this great little invention has made our experience so much more enjoyable and has enabled her to learn actual swimming techniques, enjoy a little indepence and helped her to try some brave things on her own.

We have been AMAZED at what she's been doing in the pool.  Oh so fun.

She frequently asks us to "throw me high." We do...and she goes under the water and emerges with her eyes wide open and grinning ear to ear - exclaiming, "AGAIN?"

Anyhow, below are a few videos are her in the pool.  I didn't have time to edit them so there are a bunch (six), but they're all pretty short. They may not be as fascinating as they will be to my familly, so feel free to move right along to your blog hopping. :)

For the record, I don't put the Puddle Jumpers on her every time we go in the pool just so she remembers what the water actually is like without them.


  1. Nate LOVED watching Gianna swim!!! So precious....she is certainly a little fish!!!! Love you guys!

  2. We just bought a puddle jumper invention and Isabel actually wants to put it on....unlike regular floaties. I miss you guys and love you!!


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