Thursday, July 01, 2010


Well, it's a BIG day in Lewis Land....
Gianna turns two today.
We actually are in Galveston for a little birthday trip - which we planned long before Hurricane Alex made his plans to vacation just a tad bit south of here. (The nerve.) Oh's not going to stop us from having a ball and Gianna is as excited about the rain as anything else.

Not much time for an appropriate birthday post, so just a quick little thought.
Two years ago ~ Gianna was born, unbeknownst to us. 
Our waiting hearts could never imagine what was about to happen.
Two days later ~ she became our daughter.
Two years later ~ she has become of most spectacular miracle, the choicest blessing and the most beautiful source of joy we have ever experienced.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.  Mommy and Daddy love you BIG BIG!
(more bday posts to come)
This one's for you....


  1. Happy Birthday Gianna!!! I can't believe she is already two!!

  2. Happy late birthday, Gianna!!


  3. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! The girls loved Moose A Moose singing to them :-)


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