Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to the Dentist

A little conversation we had last night:

Me:  Gianna, tomorrow we're going to the dentist.
Gianna:  Dennis?
Me:  Den-tist.  We're going to see Dr. Moses.
Gianna:  Mowess. Awww.  So tiny. Cute.
(Quick pause to try and figure out what she thought I said.)
Me:  (realizing her train of thought) No Gianna, not baby Moses from the Bible story.....Dr. Moses. He's not a baby.
Gianna:  Big boy!
Me: Well, he's actually not a boy.  He's a man. A big man. He's going to look at your teeth.
Gianna:  Big man? See him?  Hug him!

Our last dentist visit was an emergency one when she fell and broke her tooth.  I was a little tentative about how she'd react this time, but she was amazing.  She did everything they asked her even when she was notably nervous.  Dr. Moses told me that most 3 year olds don't do nearly as well as she did, much less 2 year olds.  Good girl, Gianna!  After her exam, she got off the table and ran to the dentist and said, "Hi Moses!" The girls got a kick out of that. Then she said, "Big man." :)
We got to the office at 8:35 for her 8:40 appointment.  We left just after 8:45.  Ca-ching!  She left with all the fun stickers and trinkets. They couldn't have made it easier or more pleasant. 

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  1. Gram also visited Dr. Moses this summer. Our visit was also incredibly pleasant - I hope they stay that way!


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