Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea for Two

Several years ago, we saw a clip on the Food about this cool little glass teapot that had "blooming teas.'  It's called the Tea Posy Tea Pot and Iain surprised me with one as a gift several years ago. 

The tea starts out as a tight little ball, and when you add hot water it slowly begins to bloom into an amazing flower (there are many different kinds) and creates the most unique floral tea you've ever tasted.  (It's a perfect gift for the woman who has everything.)

I was trying to keep Gianna occupied yesterday and needed something different to do.  I pulled out the Tea Posy and thankfully had one more "bloom" left from my original set.  As I poured the hot water in the teapot she was mesmerized, amazed and delighted by the magic that was created into the small glass pot.  It made for a lovely afternoon activity.  She only had a  couple of sips (that I added a tiny bit of sugar and and a lot of water to)  but, really just liked the idea of sipping tea like a big girl.
She's getting big, isn't she? :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For the record, we're still around.
No, I haven't given up blogging.
I'll be back with some sort of normalcy before long.
I have about 12 posts I've started, but just haven't had the ooomf or time to finish.
Somehow I imagined my summers as a stay at home mom to be much less busy and tiring.
What was I thinking?

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