Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Party---What a hoot!!!

Gianna's party theme centered around owls.
Not because she loves owls.
Not even because I love owls.
But because I saw these precious owl fabric turned into a halter dress on Etsy.
The Dress

Perfect for a hot summer birthday.
Would've even been more perfect if I hadn't ordered it in a size too big. I spent half the party following her around and pulling it up, even though I took it in a little.  Silver lining:  she can wear it all next summer.
The Invitations
Here are the invitations I designed on Scrapblog

I printed them out on nice cardstock from one of the do-it-yourself wedding invitation packs that I bought years ago at Target on clearance for $5. Ca-ching.

The Cupcakes
I found this idea online and knew it would be perfect.

Oreos for the eyes (double stuff, off course), Junior Mints for the pupils, M&M for the beak and "sawed off" Oreos for the eyebrows.  The actual cupcakes were made from scratch (super easy, super chocolately and super moist) from a recipe I've found here. I even made them a couple of days ahead and froze them so I wouldn't go into my typical last minute party panic mode when I finally embrace the reality that I am NOT Martha Stewart.

The Cake
I made her cake too.  The cake tastes amazing, but my decorating skills leave a lot of room for growth.

I painted a little owl....don't ask me why.

Happy Birthday!

And then the blowing of the candles...

That last frame is totally worth enlarging....

Let them eat cake!
And let them find alternative ways of eating cake!

Look Ma, no hands!

Awesome gifts from wonderful friends and family.
Some of her MANY photo books.
Nate and Gianna
My favorite pic of the day. (I'll make you a copy KD)
What a fun day for a fun little two year old.
Ultimate sign of a successful party...
The End. (literally!)

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  1. I LOVE IT! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! The cake and cupcakes are totally cute. You have some mad decorating skills. BTW, I would totally plan a party around some fabric if it were cute enough and those owls are beyond ca-yute!

    Yea, I'm still besides myself.

  2. Fantastic party!!! Your decorating skills on that cake are perfect! :)

  3. LOVE this party theme! I am planning an owl party for my little girls 4th birthday party in May. Her dress is absolutely adorable!
    I am curious about your system for photo books. Do you do them yearly, quartely, speical events, etc. I have done a couple and started too many but always get bogged down and how to get them arranged.

  4. I absolutely love that owl dress! I became a follower of your blog! :)



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