Sunday, August 01, 2010

Paging Dr. Lewis, STAT(s)

"I two!" she squeaks in her sing-songy voice. We couldn't manage to teach her to hold two fingers up without the others popping up, so she uses her two index fingers.

I really thought I'd dread the onset of the "twos" but I was surprisingly excited to enter this new exciting age. Oh, and as I realized that today is the first of the month (she was born on the first of July) I'm reminded of how I'm enjoying the milestone of being able to measure my daughter's age in years as opposed to months.

Two Year Stats:
34 inches (although 2 weeks later she measured 35 inches - who knows?)
28 pounds (measure 29 pounds two weeks later)

Have I mentioned how much we ADORE our pediatrician?  Although we have not had any serious medical issues (thank heavens), she has made our healthcare journey absolutely pleasant and easy.
When I kept my friend's infant son for the first three years of our marriage (Mommy Boot Camp, as I like to refer to those years), I often took him to the doctor when his parents couldn't get off work.  It was great because I got to screen pediatricians during our visits.  I personally know the majority of the pediatricians who work at our Children's Clinic and would feel comfortable using any of them as our doctor.  But, the first time I brought Hunter to see Dr. Decker (whom I had not met before) --- I just knew that's who I wanted to care for my own children.  She was thorough, agressive, gentle, proactive, and completely validated my questions and concerns, answering them completely, and treated me with such respect - even though I wasn't the mom.

Well, Gianna adores her as well.  When I tell her we're going to the doctor, she lights up like a Christmas tree.  "Dr. Deckah?" she inquires. "Yes, we're going to see Dr. Decker," I tell her.  Then we usually hear, Doctah Deckah. See her?  Sit on lap? Listen to heart. Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Look in ears. Look in mouth....Ahhhhhh.  Look in nose. Give hug. Stickahs?" 
Doctor Decker gets a pretty big kick out of Gianna, too.  When we went for her 2 year well visit, and Gianna was playing with all her "doctor tools" when she wasn't doodling on her prescription pad, Dr. Decker looked at me and asked if she had a doctor kit.  I told her that it never occured to me to get one.  "Oh, she needs one.  This is the perfect time." she said. ~ I'm sure she was thinking that we'd better start preparing this brilliant little munchkin for medical school now. :) ha.

So when Aunt Dana called and asked what to get Gianna for her birthday - we had the perfect idea.  She found a little doctor kit (actually I think it's more of a costume with props)  and Gianna loves it.
She must be giving the H1N1 vaccination.
Gianna has a special affinity (and gusto) for giving shots. 

She's got great bed-side manner...
...and is very loving to her patients.
Chart looks good. 
No more STATS for another year.
Wow....that's change.

** At the end of our appointment, Dr. Decker said, "I hate to have to tell you this, but from here on out, it's only yearly visits."  I told her not to worry.  We'd be sure and make up some excuse to come and see her.  Two weeks later we were back....much earlier than I expected.  It seems my little fish has swimmer's ear.  She said that those children who like to splash a lot and go under water often are more prone to it.  Yep, that would be Gianna. Not so much a splasher, but definitely a dunker!
FYI:  Did you know you can make your own Swimmer's Ear solution?  1 part alcohol to 1 part white vinegar.  A few drops in each ear after swimming.  The alcohol dries the water and the vinegar kills/prevents bacteria.  Sure beats the sixty buck we had to shell out for the tiniest bottle of antibiotic eardrops.  Yikes.


  1. Love her doctor outfit! Very nice.

  2. Precious little MD outfit, start her young with that! :-) The girls have doc Decker too. We love her! (and miss her). She will spend half a day with you if you need her to.

  3. Too funny!!! We LOOOVVVEEE Dr. Decker!!!! I have recommended so many people to her that she said I could be her personal PR assistant:) I have followed her to just about every office to make sure we could see her!!!


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