Monday, August 09, 2010


Last year we boasted the great Pear Crop of '09.  It seems that 2010 will not be outdone.
We can't seem to pick them fast enough.
But we're sure trying.
This year with an extra "pair" of hands. 
Pear Cake. Pear Butter. Pear Sauce. Grilled Pears. Canned Pears.
LOTS of pear recipes.
Isn't it funny that sometimes we work and work in order to grow things or get things that we want with little or no result.
And then other times, we do no absolutely nothing and are given things in amazing abundance.
I think it's just a reminder of God's grace.

** Anyone is need of God's grace (in the form of pears) just let me know.  I'll even deliver. :)

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  1. "...I think it's just a reminder of God's grace."----> so true! How often do I need to be reminded , it's good to let things just be! You are the sagiest of all sages!


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