Friday, August 27, 2010

The Guest Book

Two weeks ago my husband and I attended the wedding of some sweet friends who we know from Iain's company.  The groom had asked me if I would help him with a little project for the wedding. (Gotta love an involved groom!)

They didn't want to use a traditional guest book, and weren't sure if a matted picture to sign was what they wanted to do either.  He knew I am a digital photobook junky and wondered if I could come up with an alternative Guest Book.

Oh what fun!  I was so excited to play around.  They didn't have many professional pictures, but I liked the fact that the pics they did have were real life shots.

The most time I spent was editing the pictures.  The layouts were my own and fun to do.  I use Shutterfly to print most of my books and have been super-pleased with their work.  Once published, I  had Shutterfly sent the book directly to the bride in her hometown ~ so I didn't get to see it until the wedding.  It took me several hours to catch a glimpse of it because there was always someone looking at it.

When I saw it, I was SO pleased.  I wish I would have had one for my own wedding.  People really took time to write thoughtful messages instead of just signing their names.  I know Nathan and Theresia will treasure that keepsake for years to come.  It was one of the best wedding gifts we'd ever given.  Here's a peek...


  1. This is great! My friend got married in April, and her guest book was similar to this. I am with you, I wish I had something like this to remember our wedding. This is so great to have on the coffee table for conversation. Great job, Maria!!

  2. That is an amazing wedding gift! It was wonderful!


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