Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beating the Heat

There was no better way to start a hot Monday than with sweet friends in a cool pool. 

In swim gear, waiting for John Paul...
Gianna and "Ben Ben" - as she calls him.
This little sweet potato, Therese, came with her big brother and parents.
Gianna's got baby fever.
...and there's no cure in sight.
Ready to swim!
Benjamin thought it was funny to watch his mommy tread water for 20 minutes before he decided to jump in.
And Benjamin is a SERIOUS water kid.  FEARLESS and skilled!
Thanks to his mom who has been secretly coaching him for the Olympic swim team. (I'm sure of it.)
And I just cannot get enough of this petite little puffalump....
Doesn't she look like she needs a drink with an umbrella in it?
Oh, and David even came to play.  How nice to have a daddy in the bunch.
And I can't forget my cutie patootie.
Even Gracie got into the action!
Can't seem to stop taken pics of this pumpkin-doodle....
Is that yummy or what?


  1. Great pics!! You are too good...

  2. These are great pics! I'm especially fond of the sequence ones - great! Did you really get in the pool with your camera???


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