Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Hour Vacation

This morning when we awoke, I had a thought of taking Gianna to the beach.  She loves the idea of beach and water, but didn't get much play time during our Galveston birthday trip.  Even though we have lakes and beaches around here, they're not exactly what you'd considered stellar. Swimming in the lake water with all the chemical plants in view always freaks me out quite a bit, so I knew swimming was not going to happen.

So we packed up her sand toys and drove twenty minutes up the road to the I-10 beach.  It was 8am - and we were the only three souls on the beach.  Gianna was beside herself.
"Ocean!" she kept saying.

And finally she stopped long enough to play in the sand...
Packing the pale...
Building the castle....
Demolishing the castle!
"Hey, this sand sticks to my hands!"
She was cracking herself up by jumping in the water.
I caught this one in mid-jump.
Check out the water pouring out of her Crocs.
Here she is calling the elusive bird she befriended.
Oh, you want to hear her calling the bird?
It was actually a pretty great morning with little time and effort in planning.
I'm glad we took an hour vacay to the local beach.

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  1. What a great idea!! I have NEVER once thought of bringing Benjamin to our beach....hmmmm...I feel another playdate in our near future!


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