Monday, August 16, 2010

Fickle Food Critic

Overall, my two year old is a good eater.  But more and more often we're hitting a few roadblocks at the dinner table.
 It seems sweet little Gianna has become a bit of a food critic.  One day she loves a food, and the next day she refuses it. Mom is trying to juggle trying to get food and nutrients in her daughter without catering too much to her demands, thus becoming a short order cook.  It's a fine line....that I'm sure many, if not most, parents have to deal with at some point.

Recently I discovered this little treasure while grocery shopping:
Nature's Own Sandwhich Rounds

...and have been using them for everything: sandwhiches, burgers, Morning Star veggie patties, and even tiny little pizzas for my hungry toddler.  They are thin and soft and are high in fiber.
A littlle marinara and shredded cheese and pop it into the toaster oven.
Just the perfect size.
And she LOVES them.
I even cut them into slices with my pizza cutter.

I had steamed one of those frozen vegetable medley's the other day containing a combination she wasn't loving.  After trying for several meals with no luck, I pureed them and added them to tomato sauce which I used on her pizza.  She had no clue. Touchdown. 

I'm just loving all the Morning Star products. 
 It's the tastiest version of vegetarian food I've come across.
Which reminded me of these two cookbooks I have:

And this one Jerry Seinfeld's wife wrote:
They both give great ideas to sneak healthy foods into foods kids already enjoy. 
I think I may have to add these to my bedside reading stack. (I can't remember which one of these books I saw at the Kohl's checkout counter for only $5.)

And just in case you're at your witt's end, I just read this article about feeding a finicky toddler.

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