Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Princess Overload

 Iain and I knew we wanted Gianna to be well-balanced and tried hard to not expose her to just girly things.  I have to say, I think we've done a fairly good job in that area, however, I have no control as to what she ultimately responds. 
What can I say? The girl likes princesses.
And truthfully, I haven't got any qualms about it.
So, when we heard that a local high school danceline was doing a Princess Party as a fundraiser, I made sure to buy tickets.
We invited the little Dawson princess to tag along with us.
Gianna and Therese both donned Rapunzel attire.

Apparently Rapunzel was quite a popular princess choice that day.

How incredibly beautiful is this child?
One of the booths offered tattoos. Therese chose an appropriate, coordinating one with an appropriate placement...

 My child? Well, when given the opportunity, she almost always chooses something quite different and usually plastered on her face. (Remember those tiger face paintings?)
Here's her tattoo.  I have no clue as to what it is (crown with wings I imagine), but what is looked like was a huge gash on her face. (sigh)

Found a school friend who looks quite royal.

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother made an appearance.
(She's a local elementary principal.)

I thought I'd add this fun little video to the post that sort of relates to the girly girl theme..
I thought it was pretty clever.


  1. How sweet! How do you hear about all these events? Lucia would love something like this!

    1. Gosh Kari - I think Gianna's school sent a note home on this one. I feel like you. I often hear of things when they are over. I wish there'd be a better way of sharing information. Are you still on FB?

    2. I have facebook, but I'm not on it very often.


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