Monday, September 20, 2010


So, Gianna has been a little more 'subdued' that normal these last few days.  Clingy, quiet, loss of appetite. sleep interruptions, a THREE hour nap due to said sleep interruption. 
Yesterday she said, "I sick."
This morning she proved it - all over the kitchen floor.
It freaked her out a little bit - because she's really never gotten sick like that before.
(God must really love me if He's guarded me from the 'ick sick' for over two years!)
I must admit, I don't do 'ick sick' well.
I have never handled it well, whether I was the victim, or someone else was.
My mom said she was the same way.
When she was teaching, SHE used to go and get the janitor when someone got sick - leaving the poor kids by themselves.
I'd have done the same thing.
The janitor asked her, "Ms. Zullo, what are you going to do when you have kids?"
She told him she'd worry about that when the time came.
And then she told me, "And when I got married and had kids, I could all-of-a-sudden handle it."
Poof. Just like that.
She told me it would be like that for me.
"When it's your kids, it won't bother you."
I believed her.

Hey Mom, guess what?



I should've known I wouldn't have been exempt from this curse.
You could just ask my husband.
I've hidden in the house before when my husband was sick.
I mean hidden, crouched down, with my ears covered.
Pathetic excuse for a wife, I know.
And then when his pale, pitiful self hobbled to come find me and tell me the coast was clear....
I'd yell at him for being sick too loudly.
Yeah. I should've known then.

I didn't yell this morning.
I was a good mommy.
A good gagging mommy, who washed the cleanup towels three times.
Frankly, I'm surpised I didn't throw them out.
I fear my frugality will be compromised in the future as I'm tempted to throw soiled bedsheets, towels and clothing out - so as not to 'deal' with them.  We'll see how it all plays out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
On the cuter side of ick, Gianna woke up from her 2nd three hour nap in two days by saying,
"Gianna choke on floor. Mommy get towels."
Choke is her best description. 
Sounds better than the alternative terms I've managed to avoid throughout this post.

You should see my living room.
I've got blankets covering every surface and a great big pink Snuggie laid out on the floor...just in case. (Couldn't think of a better use for that Snuggie!)
And every time I give her something to eat I say,
"Hey, let's go play outside!"
She thinks I'm the coolest mom.
But this is serious business.
I'm on the defensive now....wuss that I am.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She fell asleep in her high chair at noon as she was nibbling on the cracker.
So pitiful....and sweet.

(We're going to the doctor in the morning - just to check her out.)

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