Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should we stay or should we go?

Going to the doctor.

I never quite know when to take Gianna in to see the doctor.  I know when it's OBVIOUS, but really she hasn't been 'obviously sick' very often.  I don't want to waist my time and their time if it's nothing. I think of all the sick kids in the waiting room and wonder if it's worth exposing her.  (Am I the only one who thinks about these things?)  I don't want to be an alarmist, but I also don't want to overlook something that could be serious.

To clarify yesterday's 'blech' post, she only got sick once after her morning milk. I might have made it sound like she had a horrible stomach virus.  She doesn't.

So I ended up bringing her to the doctor this morning. Symptoms: low grade temp for a little while yesterday, one ick sick episode, not eating much for about four days. "Ooooh, really?" the doctor says, "Could be strep."  Doggone it. That never crossed my mind.  Didn't know those were possible symptoms.  Sure enough ---- red throat.  Tested for strep ---- negative.  Did blood work and doctor said numbers were pretty good, but there was definitely something going on - slight as it might be.  The test showed a little bit of viral and a little bit of bacterial going on....but not enough to treat. Her body's definitely trying to fight off something.

She wrote a script for the end of the week if she worsens or gets fever.  I love our doctor.  I love that she's conservative and proactive.  I love that she doesn't make me feel like a moron. 

Oh -- and I told her about the mosquito bites incident and she said Gianna's not allergic - just highly sensitive.  An allergy would produce a much more severe reaction no matter where the bite was.  Good to know.

So this post isn't really necessary except I wanted to have it for as a note to self future reference when I'm trying to decide whether or not to bring her in to the doctor. 

Here ya go, Maria:  BRING HER IN!

So, here's a little prize for you for reading this boring post.  I laughed so hard at the subtitles that I am now wheezing.

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