Monday, September 27, 2010

Helmet Head

In anticipation of cooler whether, we're preparing to spend much more time outside (with plenty of bug repellent, of course.)

We've had the tricycle, but haven't spent enough time to really get the hang of it.
We got her a hemet.  This was her first attempt at wearing it....
That's what you call rockin' a look.
Iain took her out in the driveway to ride that day (she had just gotten bit by that nasty mosquito!)
Gianna was putting along with her tricycle and our neighbor's (ages 5 and 2) come whizzing by on a big ol' four wheeler.....without helmets.  They honked as they passed.  Cool bad*ss kids honking at our cautious little helmet head.
Iain laughed at the irony.

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