Friday, October 01, 2010

Granny Love Overload...

My Aunt Annie has lived in our town for the last 10 years.
Recently her sons beckoned her to come and live near them.
She just moved to Georgia near her oldest son and his family.
We are so happy she is near her children, but so sad that she's left us.
Gianna LOVES her.
She was kind of like a great-grandmother to her.
I used to bring Gianna over to my Aunt's house to visit and she'd called the gray-haired Calvery to come and see her great-niece.  When Gianna was first beginning to talk, she managed to learn the names of two of my aunt's friends:  Gussie and Ethel.  Gianna's names for them had us SO tickled.  Gianna's version:  Gukkie and Eppel
The week before my aunt moved, my mom had lunch for some of those sweet friends to say goodbye.
Here they are:
Gussie, Annie, Helen and Ethel
(Tell me those aren't the most classic granny names!)
These ladies are so cute and REALLY funny.
Gianna got some SERIOUS granny-lovin!
Here she is with Aunt Annie....

And here's Miss Ethel (a.k.a. Eppel)
And here's sweet Gussie (a.k.a. Gukkie)
Aunt Annie
Oh.  This was Classic.
These two 80+ year old ladies decided to play
Ring around the Rosie with Gianna.

Gianna was in heaven.
When it got to the part "and we ALL fall down." I was crossing my fingers...
...that Gianna would be the ONLY one falling to the floor.


Playing with MeeMaw...
And a little conert, after which she instructs all the listeners,
"Ebbybody Clap?"
We sure will be missing our Aunt Annie!

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