Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We took Gianna to "Boo at the Zoo" in Lafayette over the weekend.
We heard about it, called ahead for tickets and showed up with the rest of the state of Louisiana.
 I guess THE Zoo sounds a whole like KAzoo to a two year old, so all day we heard,
"We at kazoo, Mommy."
Most of the kids were in their Halloween costumes (so cute!), but I just put a pumpkin shirt on G. Those costumes get so darn hot midday.

It probably wasn't the best idea to go on such a busy day.
It was SO crowded that it was almost unenjoyable.
One of the big attractions for the day was that Elmo was going to be there.
Elmo's natzi-wranglers 'bodyguards' made it near impossible to get a picture with him unless you pushed your way through the crowds. No thanks. A brief sighting would have to do.

I'm really glad we waited until she was two to the zoo.
She's curious, interested and excited with a hint of an attention span. 
 Naptime and crazy crowds interfered with the full zoo experience, but we did manage to see a few sights.... 
Always nice to see the animals... 
...and always a little depressing to see them caged. 
(Except for the monkeys. Definitely prefer them to be caged!)
Loved the pygmy hippo. 
Never  managed to figure out what the above fella was.

The otter was so fun to watch.
He swam back and forth... 
 ....flipping up and twisting backwards every time he met the pool's edge.
Gianna got the giggles watching him.
* * * * *
 I have to say that the giraffe is my new favorite animal.
 And she was so friendly.
(Actually, I have no idea if it's a female, but those eyelashes looked like they had mascarra on them, so I made that scientic determination on my own. Impressive, I know.)

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  1. Fun! We had thought about going, but I guess the birthday party wiped my mind clean. I'm sad to hear that it was so crowded. I like your scientific reasoning...


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