Friday, October 15, 2010

Unexpected Graduation

I think.
I am a thorough thinker.
I read.
I plan.
I philosophize. 
I discern.
I do these things....all at the amusement of God who must not be
quite so impressed with all my thinking and planning. 
Either that or He finds it very entertaining to watch me scurry as
wrenches get thrown into all my plans.
Case in point:
Gianna unexpectedly 'graduated' from her crib to a bed last night.
I planned on keeping Gianna in her crib until she was 2 1/2 or closer to 3.
I felt good about that decision.
Until yesterday during nap time.
Gianna was performing her usual pre-sleep shenanigans which eventually turned into
panicked cries.
I ran to check on her and as I got closer I heard,
"I stuck, Mommy. I so sad."
She was stuck.
Horribly stuck.
This wasn't the first time.
But today was the scariest.
Her elbow was stuck between the slats
really close to the mattress.
I couldn't get it out.
I slathered lotion on her arm and
after an excruciatingly long time ~ freed her.
My heart was beating out of my chest and I was seconds of calling 911.

Later in the evening, she was in her crib for some "thinking time"
and wouldn't you know, she got her arm caught again.
She did it on purpose.
That was it.
No more.
Iain took apart the crib then and there
and we got the toddler bed down from the attic.
I re-arranged her big girl room an hour before bedtime.
There was no thinking involved.
I had no idea how I was going to prepare Gianna
(or myself!) for these 'on the fly' changes, but there was
no turning back.
I figured it would take at least an extra hour or two to get her down.
It didn't.
I thought I'd end up sleeping on the floor in her room.
I didn't.
I thought she'd wake up during the night and become disoriented.
She didn't.
I thought she's get to jumping and bump her head on the wooden headboard or foot board.
She didn't.

She did splendidly well.
She was tickled about her big girl bed and kept thanking us.
She did get up once to "adjust" her music....but once I re-directed her back to back, she was fine.

We heard her wake up this morning saying,
"Big girl bed!"

I am SO proud of my very big girl.
(And kinda proud of her Mommy too.)
All that success and ease with no over-thinking or planning on my part.
Yeah....I'm pretty sure there's a lesson in there.
I'm also pretty sure if God smirks, He's doing so right now.


  1. OH Yay! Your first paragraph has me laughing so hard! Yes, God is definitely getting a kick out of all of your planning and thinking ahead! Way to go, big-girl-Gianna!

  2. Yay Gianna! And Mommy!! She looks so proud :) way to go jumping into that one- I know we sooo overthink that big bed thing- I know I do :)


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