Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pickle in the Pumpkin Patch

 Went to the pumpkin patch yesterday hoping to get a few sweet autumn pics. HA!  Seems like our little pickle has an aversion to photo opportunities lately.  She was so tired that she just used this pumpkin as a pillow for a few minutes.
The best way to describe her these days is incorrigible ~ but that's a whole other post.
Hard to believe such a cute thing can be so "picklish."
Well at least she's a sweet pickle....most of the time.
These are the only decent pics we managed to get of our pickle in the pumpkin patch.

We were excited to bump into our friends, the Hobgoods, while at the Pumpkin Patch.
Grayson is three and Emelia is 10 months.   
 Gianna enjoyed to company.

Is this the cutest smile, or what?
Now, buckle up for some SERIOUS cuteness.

 I know.
This little sugar plum made up for the pickled puffalump that we had to endure. :)

P.S.  Last year's trip to the pumpkin patch is HERE

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