Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Crafternoon

Sarah the Brave hosted a little 'crafternoon' for some spunky little spooks.
Gianna the Adorer of Refined Sugar (who seldom gets to splurge) was in hog heaven.
So were her little friends:
Emma the Exuberant
Jack the Icing King:
Emily the Adorable
Ella the Prayerful
Benjamin the Bearded
Therese the Treasure
And John Paul the Train Captain:
* * * * * * * * * * * *
When the Hunt for Hidden Pumpkins was announced,
these three raced to look out the window as if they'd be ringing the doorbell upon arrival.
I don't think the candy pumpkins in the lovely silver tray were meant to be the object of the Hunt,
but I'll give her an A for effort.
I'd say the decorating of the cupcakes and cookies was the highlight of the afternoon,
but I'd probably be corrected by these little goblins.....
...who would certainly say...
...that EATING the scrumptious Halloween confections
beat all!
My child gets intense when it comes to sweets.

And there were other of moments of sweetness too:
like this sweet big brother playing with his darling little sister.

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  1. LOVE the pics!!! This is a cute post...and weo had a great time with everyone!


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