Friday, October 08, 2010

Things to remember....

Just a few more tidbits about Gianna that I want to remember...
* * * * *

After noticing her dad's new haircut, without prompting she says,
"Hey Daddy. Your hair cute."
* * * * *
Me:  Gianna, come here.
Me: Gianna, come to Mommy so we can put your shoes on.
I finally looked up to see what the hold up was.
She was standing in the doorway watching me.
Gianna:  Count.
(As in: Count to 3 so I can see what you're going to do when you get to three, Mommy.)
* * * * *

Gianna was eating chicken for lunch and dipping it in ketchup.  Jessie and I were eating chicken burgers and had all the condiments on the table. Gianna said, "Please have yellow ketchup." (mustard)
* * * * *
Lately she wakes up saying, "Mommy, want some grits?  C'mon Mommy."
* * * * *
Along those same lines, her current food blessing begins, "Bess us, uh Lawd, and dees dy grits...."
* * * * *
She recently tried cottage cheese for the first time and likes it.
Yesterday she asked, "Please have some Cot-to cheese?"
* * * * *
After she ate dinner I asked, "How would you like some oranges or some yogurt or maybe some pineapple?"
She looked upward, tapped her finger on the side of her jaw as if to be in serious thought, and said, "Hmmmmm.  How 'bout a popsicle?"
* * * * *
As she was quietly drifting off to sleep performing her routine Gianna Lewis Variety Show, I heard her jumping in her crib (I don't fight it) and then she stopped and said, "Look Mommy, I getting out!"   She didn't, but I fear it won't be long now.  I seriously didn't think she'd figure out that she could escape.
* * * * *
Usually she's in bed at 7pm and wakes up precisely at 7am.  For some reason she has been waking up VERY early this week.  One day, when I realized she would not go back to sleep, we stumbled walked down the hall and into the living room. She glanced out the window and dramatically gasped...
"Mommy!  I see DARK!"
* * * * *
When Iain mows the lawn or has an especially dirty day at work, Gianna often tells him,
"Daddy stinky. Go take shower?"
* * * * *

If she hears our keys jingle, she comes running from the farthest corner of the house, straight to the door yelling,
"C'mon. Jonna.  Let's go Jonna. Wanna go in car, Jonna?"
* * * * *
My parents were over and Gianna did something she wasn't supposed to, so I took her hand, led her to the hallway and put her in time out. (It was a new place for her and she was intrigued.)  She was quiet and after a minute or so, I set her free.  A few minutes later she started to do something and I said rather calmly, "Gianna."
She turned around and smiled,
"I go Time Out."
I said, "No, Gianna you don't have to go to time out."
"I go." she said.
And she did.
* * * * *
On my phone I'm able to call people by pushing a button and saying their name.
I don't use it often, but it comes in handy when I'm en route somewhere.
When I call Iain, I have to say his name loudly and annunciate perfectly, or it will call someone else.
Last week I let her play a game on my phone when, all of a sudden, I heard the sound of my voice activated calling device.  At that familiar tone, she spoke clearly and loudly into my phone,
  And my phone called him.  I laughed all day.
* * * * *
She calls a trampoline a "jumpoline" - which makes a whole lot more sense to her - and to me.
Speaking of jumpolines, here's Gianna on hers. I have NO idea what the child is chanting.


  1. Our kids need to bet on that trampoline together!! The clothes are already sorted and put away... T is wearing the blue onesie with the pink embroidered bow!

  2. Could she be any more charming and adorable. I don't think so.

  3. These tidbits are soooo sweet. You'll both love looking back on this! She's a hoot!


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