Monday, March 26, 2012

Gone Fishin'

I have a dear friend that lives about 20 miles north of us - smack in the middle of the country.   She called last week and wondered if Gianna might like to go fishing in their poind. Well, that was an easy answer. YES! We planned for Sunday - which is wonderful since weekends are especially lonely for us.

My friend, C.C., is an agriculture and biology/science genius - as is her entire family.
And so it was - that this little un-country girl made her way to the country - with polka dots, bows, ruffles and all.
You can imagine her excitement when she was given her own pole.
They have about 42 acres and dug this beautiful, enormous pond themselves.

C.C. suggested they go dig for worms for bait.  She was reluctantly excited about the adventure.
 The worm was airborn within about 7 seconds.  (That's her momma's daugher, for sure.)
 The fish weren't biting, at first.
 She was as patient as any three year old.
"This is taking a long time. I don't like fishing."
 She thought Mr. Toby might have better luck.
 Mr. Toby thought we should move to another end of the pond.
 Boy, does HE have good instincts!  Those fish started nibbling right away.
 And lo and behold - someone caught her first fish!
A catfish, no less.
There was both squealing with excitement and squealing with disgust.
C.C. and Toby have two (very outdoorsy) boys.  They got quite a kick out of Madame Prissy-Fritz.
 The little fishergirl caught five fish in all. Impressive!
Zeke and Gino both helped releasing the fish.
(How cool are those names?)
The boys spotted a cottonmouth snake, so they kept an eye on it.
She called Toby 'Mr. Man' a couple of times when his name escaped her.  Then when she remembered, she called him 'Mr. Dopey'. Ha.

Then Mr. Toby had to clear out a drain in the pond.  Guess who voluteered to help?
There was a lot of pointing going on by Miss Bossypants.
 They asked if she wanted to ride the back of the truck toward the house.  Gianna quickly pointed out that a policeman would surely give them a ticket. 
 Gino and Jacob (the boys' friend) made her a seatbelt.
Check out the look of adoration in Gianna's face...
 I think the picture below has to be one of my favorites.
 I think this day held more excitement that she was prepared for. :)
 And then a quad-ride?  Yahoo!
The icing on the cake was the trampoline. Whew. 
What a day!  Thank you, C.C., Toby, Gino and Zeke.  We had a grand time.
And she was WHOOPED!!


  1. FUN!!!! What great memories for Gianna.

    1. It was - and will be. Praying for you in these last days before Maggie.


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