Monday, March 12, 2012

Wands and Whimsy

One of my friends alerted me to a great little fundraiser this past Saturday, The Wands and Whimsy Character Breakfast at O'Charley's Restaurant - where princesses, super heroes and other familiar characters came in full costume to visit with the kids as they ate breakfast.

Gianna couldn't stop gasping and pointing and running to meet her 'friends.' much for eating breakfast. She was completely enamored by these precious ladies....and boy, did she grill them on their stories!  She stumped a few of them, too.
I didn't know if kids would be wearing their own princess dresses (I should've guessed they would!), so in an effort not to "overdo" it I put her in this little Fancy Nancy number that my sister-in-law sent for her. It was perfect.  (And Holly, I spotted some on Ebay, FYI. :)
She totally called out Spiderman as well as Peter Pan for being girls. :)
Gianna was confused by the purple outfit that Jasmine wore.  She kept calling her Aladdin.
Some of her favorites....

And then there was the classic Disney princess, Cinderella.
She was so sweet and knelt down with perfect princess grace to be closer to Gianna, and what does Gianna do?  She kneels down right in front of her, of course.  So precious.
 I just LOVE this pciture below...
A potpouri of princesses....
Ariel couldn't have been any cuter.  She was so sweet with Gianna and let her hold her 'dinglehopper.'
Gianna was a little curious about her feet under her costume.
Ariel cleverly distracted her by letting her wear her starfish in her hair.
(Anyone else find it ironic, or at least mildly amusing, that Ariel is standing underneath the "Seafood" sign?  Hahaha.)

And there was even story time with sweet Belle. 
I wondered why they didn't have other princesses read as well - until just now when I remembered from the story that Belle was obsessed with books and reading.  Hello!
How beautiful is Belle?
A rare, still moment.
 I love the picture below because Gianna was calling, "Mommy!" in a whisper to tell me the name of her new friend.  There are certainly looks that mom's always remember about their kids.  This is one of mine that I'll store away in my heart.
Even Emma came from a land far away.

Oh, and anyone who knows Gianna knows how she ADORES Snow White.  Let me just tell you, that this young lady was as close to Disney as we have gotten.  She had the high little voice.  Knew all the story and stats and she even sang just like Snow White.  Gianna was a complete groupie.
...and guess who managed to convince Snow White to accompany her to story time?
Snow White kept her doe-eyed look and sweet smile the entire time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And as MUCH as Gianna loves all the princesses - especially Snow White, there is one dark character that she has become obsessed with....the Evil Queen from Snow White.  And if you don't know her name, Gianna will quickly tell you it is Maleficent.

When she awoke Saturday morning, Gianna's first question was, "Will the mean queen be there?"
I seriously doubted it, but assured here there would be princesses.

But alas, I was wrong!  As I was visiting with a sweet couple - also adoptive parents, who actually knew me from my blog (go figure) Gianna tore off and ran across the restaurant.  I saw my friend there, so I knew I had a minute to visit before I had to run off.

And guess who she found? Apple and all!
Apparently, before I caught up with them, my friend noticed how awestruck G was and whispered her name to the queen. 
"Oh, Gianna - I've been waiting for you!"
I can only imagine what Gianna's face looked like.
How amazing is this woman?

And when Gianna asked where her Magic Mirror was, she didn't skip a beat. She trapsed across the restaurant with Gianna following her, where she dug underneath the table to find her bag.  Sure enough, she had a mirror - ready for a little stickler like Gianna.
 "Yeah, but it didn't really talk."
(the mirror)

Serious adoration...

And maybe there was a little mutual admiration going on.
Most beautiful!
 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The girls and ladies of Chi Omega Sorority volunteered to raise money to benefit the St. Nicholas Center which was founded and run by a friend of mine. The Center provides therapeutic, educational, and social services to children with Autism, Developmental Delays, and Neurological Disorders in a fun and positive setting. Let me just say that is was well worth the $6 tickets. Gianna told me not long after we arrived, "Mommy, now we don't have to go to Disney World!"  Hmmmm.  That $6 ticket may have saved me quite a large chunk of change! :)   
Kudos Christy and gang!
What a wonderful event.

Next year, I'll blog a little reminder beforehand, so some of our local friends can join us.

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