Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's about right...

After a LONG day, I was driving back home from LC and thought I'd drive through Sonic and get a treat. I don't do that often, but really thought I needed it today. Just a large Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla - Easy Ice.  (I recently discovered you can order your drinks with half, little or no ice. Slow learner, I guess.)

I ordered and it came to my window a few minutes later. I paid the bell hop and then put my drink in  its holder.  At a quick glance I noticed the ice through the semi-clear lid. I opened the lid and sure enough, the cup was packed with ice.  I ordered Easy Ice - meaning not very much - because I get tired of paying for five sips of a beverage steeped in tons of ice. This is the point in the story where I would normally huff and pout and complain - all while drinking my ice-packed drink.

Well not today!  I quickly pushed the little red button and told them I ordered a drink with easy ice and it was FULL of ice. They apologized and told me they would fix my order.  They did. They quickly came with a Route 44 sized drink (upgrade!) with only some ice and two poker-chip looking coins that entitle me to TWO free cherry limeades.  How 'bout them apples?  I was so proud for standing up for myself and was sure God was rewarding me doing so. 

When the manager lady came to bring me my corrected order, I told her I didn't mean to be difficult.  Her response:  "Oh, no problem. We want what we want." 

That seemed like a nice enough response - but it bothered me.  I wasn't able to think quick enough to tell her, "It's not a matter of wanting what I want - it's a matter of receiving what I ordered." I'll have to put that one in my back pocket for another day.

I was so happy to go home, put my munchkin to bed and sit in the recliner sipping on my Diet Dr. Pepper - which now stood for something much more than a small treat for myself.  It was a life lesson in a cup, after all.

That would have been a great end to the story.  But, alas, it wasn't. I put my huge cup of satisfaction on the kitchen table and as I was depositing some bags next to my beloved DDP - one of them swept that beautiful drink off the table and upside down onto the chair. In slow motion, the cup tipped over on it's side emptying about 39 of the 44 ounces from one end of my kitchen floor to the other. I gasped, most likely in a dramatic fashion because upon hearing me - Gianna burst into tears (no nap) and cried for a good five minutes because she was so sad I would be so thirsty.

The time I thought I'd be spending having a relaxing moment - was then spent soaking the nectar of the gods onto big white towels, steaming my floors (for the 2nd time today) and putting on yet another load of laundry.

Yeah.....that's about right.   Welcome to my life in a nutshell. 

* * * * * * * * * * *
And just for the record, this post isn't really about a measely soda.  It's really about how representative it is of how my life feels these days. I think it stung so much because of the symbolism.


  1. Sorry your drink ended up on the floor, I am hoping for a much brighter day tomorrow for you!

    1. Oh, thank you Crystal, but it's really not about the drink. It's really about how it felt so symbolic of my life right now. Just a little pity party.

    2. Yah, I got that. I just wished that even a small treat could meet your expectations sometimes.

  2. Similar thing happened to me... spilled a beautiful fountain diet coke all over the back seat. My response began with a string of words rhyming with "spit" (like 4 of the van with the kids). sigh.

  3. Maria, I have TOTALLY done that before!!! I did the NECESSITATED Sonic trip today too... and kicked myself for not doing the easy ice option!! RATS! I would've just aked my carhop about it, but I had already felt like I bothered her more than usual by aking her to go run my card. I was unprepared for the necessitated Sonic run (without cash) and the card machine part at my cubicle was broken (but I didn't know that until AFTER I ordered!!). (and then, I always debate if I'm "supposed to" or "not supposed to" tip the car hop... yet,no cash today!)
    I hate the extra money for no extra sips, too!! In parallel to your story, I made it home from Sonic and within 15min of arrival, passed out from exhaustion on couch (events leading up to my necessary sonic trip)... to wake up MUCH later to VERY watered down Sonic Diet Coke that bc of FULL ice, was ruined!! I'd rather have lost it at one fell swoop, than to just still see its poor remains in the cup and debate if even worth it to try and drink watered, hot, diet coke!
    Oh, well!! Lessons all around! :)


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