Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disney Surprise

Iain and I had always planned on taking Gianna to Disney when she was close to four years old. (Well, actually - before she was one month old we were talking about going to Disney!)  When he died last August, I knew I'd have to plan a trip - as a sort of tribute to his dream and as a dangling carrot for Gianna and I.  I knew it would be a hard trip for me (both emotionally and practically), but it was something I felt compelled to do.

I knew that once I put the house on the market again, that would be the best time - before our lives would change again. During the throws of potty training in a fit of desparation, I used the trip as a dangling carrot to hopefully motivate my strong-willed potty protester.  (I may or may not have mentioned that they didn't allow Pull-ups in Disney World.)

As soon as I got the house listed, I got planning. My dear friend, Eva, has a niece who is four and over the last year we've been getting the girls together to play.  I asked her if she had ever considered taking her niece to Disney, and she had.  And there was born my partner in crime.  We booked a trip less than six weeks away for just a few days in Disney.  (Thank heavens we didn't stay more than 2 1/2 days!!)  They would fly back to LC and we would stay another week to visit with Iain's parents who recently moved to Tampa as well as another family friend who lives in Bonita Springs. 

Well, we didn't tell the girls about the trip until just before Easter....only a few weeks out.  We got them together for a play date and then wrapped up a little Disney outfit for each of them and had what I thought was a creative way of sharing the Big News.
(and no, I didn't ask her to pose like this - where does she get this stuff?)

I recorded my voice on this little fairy app on my phone to where it looked like she was talking to the girls.  I uploaded it to You.Tube and played it on the computer.  It was going to be Tinkerbell's friend.  Cute, right?  I couldn't wait to see their reactions and hear the squealing.  I just KNEW Gianna was going to FLIP OUT.  Wouldn't you expect that she would have a million dollar reaction?

Are you kidding me?  Who was that child?  I'm happy to report that her reaction to the ACTUAL Disney experience was much more in line with her personality.  This totally threw us for a loop.  Their reaction still cracks me up.

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  1. This actually made me laugh out loud!! I woke up Mia ;)


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