Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recital ~ 2012

What a beautiful night.  It was the very first ballet recital for not only Gianna, but for The Lake Charles Dance Academy founded and run by Colleen Cannon Benoit. Colleen and I went to high school together and I remember her amazing passion and gift for dancing all those years ago.

Our year of ballet was such a good experience for both Gianna and I.  When Gianna's teacher told me how good she was in class...I was so pleasantly surprised that I actually cried.  She said Gianna was one of the most mature in her class even though she was one of the youngest.  Whew.  That was good to hear...especially on those days when I question my parenting.

She did a fantastic job at the recital.  (I thought I'd be a wreck, but I wasn't nervous at all.)  She was thrilled to finally be on a BIG stage.  Heaven knows it's where she belongs. :)

Well, I could go on and on, but I'll just post pictures instead.  (And by the way, I'm learning to shoot my pictures in manuel mode and and not good at it yet.  That ought to explain the blurry, "artistic" pictures. :)

My sweet little ballerina.
Bravo, Gianna.
You were amazing. I know your Daddy watched you with love and delight.


  1. So beautiful! I just love the photo of the three ballerinas all doing different things! So precious :) Austyn's recital is Saturday, I just can't wait!!

    1. Thanks Shayna. I can't wait to see Austyn's pictures. It's so much fun.

  2. Beautiful ballerina! She is such a doll!! Thanks for sharing her with us all. We love you.

  3. Hey Maria! We got to see Gianna on stage too! I pointed her out to Parker :) She was so good! That's how I could tell for sure it was her!

  4. What a Magical Night!! Gianna danced and smiled so beautifully on stage.
    She is a Natural.

    Mary Ellen


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