Friday, June 01, 2012

Disney - vol 2

A good part of our time at Disney was spent waiting to see the characters - namely the princesses.  They girls were total sports as they waited, and Gianna made many friends on line during our waits. 

I was so happy to have gotten so many pictures, but without having Iain with me, I opted out of taking any video.  These character visits were video worthy for sure.  Gianna knew so many details about the princesses and the movies and she is such a good conversationalist, that these visits were so much fun for us, for the characters, for the photographers and even for some of the people waiting on line. 

Most of the kids hugged the character, got their autograph book signed and had their picture taken -- three mintutes tops.  Not this little dynamic duo.  They really were so much fun to watch and they managed to completely steal the hearts of these Disney idols.  Gianna would start her chatting and questions (hilarious) and brazen requests (Gianna had them all dancing with her at some point) and Alyssa would support the effort with her sweet little disposition and together they just made magic.  It was really amazing to watch. 

Tianna was the first princess we enountered, and for Eva and I - may have been one of the very top favorites.  She was one of the most authentic of the royals we met.  Gianna told her she was from Louisiana too!  She also told Tianna that her name rhymed with Gianna's. 

Then we went on to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.  Immediately Gianna asked Jasmine where the "rest of her clothes" were.  Aladdin was FULL of personality.  Gianna was drawn to him in an instant.  At one point Jasmine reminded Gianna that Aladdin was her husband.


  1. Now I am really wanting to go back to Disney World! Gianna looks like she had a ball- and I am super impressed that you guys took this big, long trip just the gals! You are wonder woman.

    1. Thanks Haley. I'm glad I talked to you before I went. I have to say I was pretty impressed with us too. It was challegning, but totally worth it.


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