Monday, June 04, 2012

More Royalty (Disney - vol 3)

We sure love Sleeping Beauty. Gianna and Alyssa were so sweet with her.  Although she was lovely, she didn't overly impress me. Maybe it's just that Aurora is one of the more proper, less playful princesses.

She was a very good sport when Gianna asked to see her shoes.  (Gianna asked that of every princess.)

Belle was beautiful, indeed. 

Oh, but Ariel stole our hearts.  We just loved her. She fell in love with Gianna and Alyssa quickly and she and Prince Eric spent a ridiculous amount of time with these two charmers. At first, Prince Eric seemed a little aloof, but as Gianna started talking and asking her questions, he perked up.  He later asked the girls what their favorite animals were and drew them (quite ipressively) in their autograph books.  As we were leaving, Ariel leaned over to me and said, "Please bring them back to see us."

Gianna started asking the princesses for kisses. She'd walk around Disney sported big red lipstick marks on her face.  Bold little girl.
Then we went to the fairy cove and met Tinkerbell and her friend, Rosetta.  Rosetta was a hoot and totally trumped Tinkerbell.

And Mary Poppins may not be a princesses, but she sure is Disney Royalty in my eyes.

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