Friday, June 15, 2012

Life according to iPhone....

Eating in bed...we are SURELY not at home.
 At the fountain at L'auberge.
On the day we closed on our former home, I took Gianna to Prien Lake Park to the big kick-off for the summer reading program at the library.
Clifford was there.  Gianna went to give him a great big hug and immediately turned around with a big smile.  I didn't have my camera with me, so I dug my phone from my pocket.  I laughed at her habit she obviously acquired from our Disney trip.
 There was a clown there who put on a really impressive magic show...with lots of animals.
 Gianna got her face painted by her friend, Ms. Amy (one of our two favorite librarians in the Bluff.)
I'm glad she opted for the flower in lieu of the spider she said she wanted. 
The clown made her a cute little balloon bear.
 Gianna is into mermaids lately.  She told me, "Mommy, you go ahead and say Abbra Cadabbra and turn my legs into fins, but just don't cut my legs off. Okay?"

Instead of breaking it to her that I really can't do magic, I had her close her eyes while I used some some pajama pants to turn her into a mermaid.  She was completely tickled when she opened her eyes after my big Abbra Cadabbra.  She thinks I'm amazing - as well she should. :)
 Yeah, the amazing mommy may have started something that's going to be tough to stop.
Silly mermaid. Doesn't she look old.  She two weeks away from being FOUR.  Holy cannoli!

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