Monday, October 08, 2012

Parks & Recreation

Welcome, cool weather!! What a lovely arrival of some long awaited cool, autumn air.
It was a perfect Sunday for the park ~ and that's just what another 47 people thought.
I checked to see if my godchild, Nate, and his mommy wanted to come and meet us.
I cannot believe this 4ft tall 5 year old was once only 5 lbs of a whisper.
Beautiful boy.
And this little weasel, manages to befriend middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults and allows them to help her enjoy the park.
"You can put me on the swing and push me, if you'd like."

 Do you know this lady helping Gianna on the monkey bars?
Yeah - me neither.
Gianna can charm her way into and out of most anything!
She certainly marches to the beat of her own drum.

We unexpectedly ran into the Lanthier Clan - including Sophia, Gianna's little bestie. 
And her little brother, Joseph.
  Super cute.

I wanted a quick shot of these two on the slide because...

 a couple of years ago, they took a picture together on the same slide.  Sweet munchkins.

Autumn joy.
Bidding adieu.

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