Monday, October 15, 2012

Pony Party

Gianna went to her first birthday party of a friend from school.
They had it at the LeBocage Stables and it was a very sweet, very impressive party.
 The kids in Gianna's class were all invited. Six of them came (half).  Even their teacher, Ms. Lisa, came.
It was nice to finally put some faces to the names.
And what were these munchkins most excited about?
Running free, of course.
 And playing in the sand...
 How cute are they?
 They staff was incredible and explained everything so well to the kids.
 The sweet birthday girl was a bit tentative on her first ride....
 She got the hang of it before long.
 Sweet little Nacey.
 Peyton was a champ.
How cute are they in the riding helmets?
 Looks like a pro, doesn't she?
They always came back to the sand.... 
 Gianna and Baylee.
 There was Pin the Tail on the Pony, of course.
 She got pretty close.
And then there was a Find the Prizes in the Hay game...
Gianna turned into a lunatic during this game. 
The little turkey stopped once she found a Blow Pop.
 These kids were so beautiful.
  I couldn't stop staring at them.

What a fun time.

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