Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Peas

We went to the McNeese Football game this past weekend and met up with a friend and her sweet little cousin.  We planned a playdate for these two and met up today for a tea party and playdate.  These two are definitely cut from the same cloth!
Jayda is a year younger than Gianna but has got all the sass, personality, and social skills that G has.  It was hilarious to witness the similarities. 

My friend, Brenda, had the most amazing Chinese tea table for the girls to sit around.
Pretty, isn't it?
Sweet sips by Jayda... 
And Gianna...
Gianna was happy to serve everyone tea, freshly stirred - either with a beautiful silver spoon, or her finger. Yummmm. 
And what's the perfect end to a lovely tea party?  Why, a visit to the chickens, of course!

And picking fruit off the satsuma tree --- and eating right there... 
Can you just eat this little cherub up? 
We were amazed that these two strong little personalities got along so swimmingly!

The both ooze personality! 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! You are a great photographer and a wonderful mommy, too!

  2. Those are my comments, above, but don't know what my URL is or any of the other profiles, lol. Love yall, Brenda

  3. The pictures are beautiful....We really enjoyed meeting the two of you and we need to get the girls together again to play. Hope to see ya'll soon. Paula


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