Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Covington Trip (cont'd)

While visiting the Jenkins clan, we took the opportunity on a chilly Saturday to visit Ms. Heather's Pumpkin Patch in Hammond.  I posted a bunch of pics HERE but found some more memories I wanted to record.

They had these big wooden cows which were fantastic because they had "working udders" beneath them.  They kids could "milk" them (pretty sure it was water.)

The girls were excited about a nature trail, but as soon as they entered the canopy of trees, they became quite trepidatious. I had to do quite a bit of convincing to get them to walk ahead of me so I could photograph them from behind.
About twenty feet in, and they heard some typical forresty sort of sound and they both screamed and started running out.  They were feeding off of each other's fear which ended up being commical. 

Then we happened upon their first discovery.  A dear - which my child thought was real. After that, their sense of adventure overcame their concerns about spooky forest scenes they've read in stories and boy, I couldn't stop them! 
How cute are all these props nestled in the woods?

It took a good bit of convince them to finally leave the trails: a little bribery actually.

This covered wagon was really neat.
 We got tickled at this little boy who didn't care much that we were in the middle of a little photo opportunity.  He was on a mission.  Funny.
 We got Caroline to join the big girls...
I love these little girls.
 And how about these horse swings made of tires?

And more horse-riding...

Sweet Caroline... 
 Laurel made them Teddy Bear Pancakes for breakfast.

Sweet little potatoes...
 They spent a lot of time in the super great playroom.

 An unfortunate milestone that Gianna met in Covington was her very first bee sting.
It was enormously traumatic for her.  Maybe dramatic is a better word - but in her defense, those things hurt like the dickens.
 Magic remedy?  Tootsie Pop and a lit iPad fun.

Laurel made the girls matching skirts.
Just adorable.
 Even though Hostess may be going out of business, we're lucky to have these little "twinkies!"

 Silly little girls!
I stopped to get gas as soon not even three minutes after leaving the Jenkins' home. 
This is what I saw... 

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