Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with some friends of my parents.  They have 50 acres, a pond, 2 amish carriages, horses, a polaris mule, as well as an absolutely beautiful home. It was a welcomed change to our typical boring low key holiday at my parents' home.
Gianna got an absolute kick out of the mule (or jeep, as she calls it.) They have trails in the woods and you could hear her squeals far off in the distance.
 In the above picture she asked, "Could someone get me the key?"
My parents and G.

The lovely Thanksgiving table.

 And I joined this little turkey at the children's table.
(My choice.)
 The craftsmenship on this carriage is simply impressive.
 Oliver and Gianna:
 Running free...
 Going to feed the fish at the pond.
 Jerry took the kids on a carriage ride on a 2nd Amish buggy they have.
Gianna was beside herself.
 I love watching children run. 
 These two were a hoot...
 We are so grateful for the hospitality of the Suire's.
Having such a great day for Gianna made mine much more bearable.

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