Friday, November 16, 2012

Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast

We had Gianna's little Thanksgiving celebration at school yesterday.

So simple. So cute.

They had just come from the playground once we set up and were SO EXCITED!

I'm truly smitten with these kids...especially the little imp with the big blue eyes!

Ms. Lisa carved the turkey....

Yes, I said turkey!  She found this idea on Pinterest and sent me the link. 

This little centerpiece was my contribution.

They were some hungry little pilgrims!
At the blessing, they each had to say what they were thankful for.
SO sweet.
Some of the grandma's come to celebrate with us.
(This momma is thankful that no one has confused me as Gianna's grandparent yet!)

And then there were momma's and daddy's....

Did I mention that they were SO excited for this day? 
Gianna organized group activities. (WHERE does she get that from?)
This is the 17th time they played some variation of Ring Around the Rosie... 

Eleven of the twelve of them....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The popcorn-stuffed turkey centerpiece was a total hit the parents and the kids.
It's really cute and super-easy to make.  PAPER BAGS and Popcorn!

Here's the link that I used for the instructions:

I think we might make another one next week.

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