Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

We celebrate Halloween in a fun, understated way, but I have a friend who does it up BIG!  We happened to be at her house while she was decorating her front lawn.  Gianna got into the action.  Silly witch.
 You think she has a hard time getting into character?

She got completely tickled at herself in a pair of vampire teeth.  Funny kid.

After Gianna's ballet recital in May, we realized that without its tutu, Gianna's costume looked much like a Tinkerbell  outfit.

  I figured that would be an easy, cheap Halloween costume. The closer it got to October the more I worried about cooler weather and mosquitoes, so I managed to suggest Gianna wear another dress-up costume she already had.  Ariel won out. 
Meet my Little Mermaid.
We have a red wig from Brave - but it swallows her and figured she shed it at some point along our walk.  I told her I'd do a little 'mermaid makeup' to help her get into character.  Her seaweed boa served as a lovely cushy handle for her pumpkin.
We went to see my old neighbor and realtor and precious friend, Karen.  Last Halloween she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This Halloween she has a clean bill of health. Praise God!
Then we went to Gianna's godmother's house.

 Her lemon tree is prolific.
So is Nanny's love....
Then we were off to meet our sweet friend and neighbor, Matthew (and family) for a round of Trick or Treating.
How cute are they?

Matthew's baby sister, Anna Catherine.
Isaiah and Isabelle were supposed to come with us, but poor Isaiah was traumatized by some zealous, scarily dressed teenager.  We ended up making the rounds of the neighborhood with just Isabelle.
She was a great sport.

She got a ridiculous amount of candy.

So, we packed up several bags and brought it to a local dentist who trades it in for little toys.  They send the candy to military members overseas.  I'm sure they enjoy the treats, but I've heard they mostly want the candy to pass out to the children they meet.  How wonderful is that?

Now we're saving the little toys for Operation Christmas Child.

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