Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I love that this little four year old is jam-packed with confidence.  She's raised by a mother who is lacking in this area - so I am pretty impressed that she enjoys an abundance.  Yesterday, Gianna was emphatic that she would wear a particular outfit that I really didn't expect would be worn in public.  She usually doesn't make a fuss about what she wears, so I figured I ought to give her a little on this one.  It was a beautiful outfit from Thailand, sent by my friend in the Peace Corps. 

I was hesitant because I never would have worn anything to make me look different or draw attention to myself.  Gianna asked if I thought the other children would make fun of her.  I told her I couldn't say for sure, but I asked her what she would say if she was teased.  She said, "No, no, no. This is a special outfit that children wear in Thailand.  We don't make fun of that."   Wear it, girl!!!! With pride!  And so she did.....
She was adorable.
And in her words, "...the children LOVED it!"
God love this child!
May we all be so confident and self-assured.


  1. I love her and her heart overflowing with love!!!

  2. It reminds me of a wedding in Houston when you saw what Dottie was wearing you whispered to me "I wish I had enough confidence to wear that." I love the picture of Gianna.


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