Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Whimsical Breakfast

Last year we attended a fundraiser called Wands & Whimsy to benefit the St. Nicholas Center (A Resource Center for children in the Autism spectrum) and Gianna had the time of her life.  This year I made sure to get tickets and we went to the event with my friend and her niece (same ones we went to Disney with.)
I drove up to the restaurant at 7:55 and there was a full parking lot and a line around the building. Yikes!  Word has apparently spread abou this great event.

As soon as we entered the building, Gianna started hyperventilating and darting toward the holding area for the characters.  It was SO hard to help her understand that they would come to us.  We got our breakfast (Gianna had three bites in two hours) and found a table which happened to be the
 first one on the characters' route. She was beyond excited.
There were even more characters than last year and they were really i mpressive.

Gianna was familiar with more of the characters than last year which made it more fun.
I guess we need to add all of the Toy Story movies to our list of things to watch.

Mulan was just perfect - Gianna loves her even though we've yet to see that movie.
How gorgeous is Tiana?

Gianna's met Kristine (Mulan) before - but I think she was fooled.  Can't wait til she sees her next time and connects the dots!
Gianna was happy to tell the characters of the "Lizzard of Oz" that she just  saw their movie and LOVED it. 
They got a kick out that (and Gianna too) and came back around so they could take a picture on their phones of themselves with Gianna. Ha.

`Belle is a huge favorite and this lovely princess was full of personality.
Of course Gianna asked where the Beast was and Belle quickly answered that he was in the kitchen eating everyone's bacon.  (For two hours Gianna tried to get people to take her to the kitchen to see the Beast!)

And then there was the reunion with Gianna's most favorite Queen....
Here they are last year....(look at my little three year old!)
Last year, Gianna gave this precious lady quite a run for her money - grilling her about the story, getting lectured about being nice to Snow White, etc.

And this year...
Isn't she the greatest Mean Queen?
She was so sweet to Gianna.

I love this next picture!
As I snapped the shot, Hello Kitty appeared in the doorway and Gianna reacted in typical SuperFan fashion!

Oh - and how about this picture with the Queen and her OTHER apple!
(You may have an opinion on whether or not it's poison. :)

And then sweet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider came to visit.  She is a family friend and Gianna's first realization this year that these weren't the REAL princesses. (She upholds that the real ones  live at Disney World!)
And the experience couldn't have been complete without the quintessential princess, Cinderella!

Four beautiful Cinderella's!

Gianna was smitten
And this year, Prince Charming even made his way to the event!

Belle read the story of Beauty to the children.  Gianna listened to it three different times.
(Sidled up against Cinderella, of course.)

And there was even a performance by Cinderella....beautiful AND talented.  (I would have totally been a jealous mean step-sister!)

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