Friday, March 08, 2013

The Little Astronomer

We never know what our little munchkins will have an interest in as they grow and learn, but I have noticed that if if you give attention to these areas of interest, they seem to soak things up so quickly and easily.

Gianna is completely intrigued by anything having to do with the Earth and Outer Space. I think it may have begun around the time she saw this video of an awesome female astronaut giving a tour of the space station (FASCINATING!! )  She would ask me dozens of questions daily, and then one Sunday morning she watched an entire hour of NOVA on PBS: Earth from Space.  She was mesmerized.

I set out to find some helpful resources. Nothing fancy - just couple of books on space for kids on clearance at BAM.  She is really eating this stuff up.  Here she is giving a little lesson about the planets and solar system....adding enough creative fluff to keep it interesting.

She says she wants to be an astronaut.  If she can manage to work out the whole Jupiter explanation, she might make it.  (FYI - Back up occupations are a doctor or Disney princess.)

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