Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Chicks

Well - I guess you know spring has sprung when you are invited to see some new baby chicks!  Our sweet friend Brenda lives in my favorite country home ever.  They have chickens and this week -- baby chicks!  What four year old doesn't love baby chicks?  You bet we went!
 -- and Gianna's little friend Jayda was there too.

Gianna acts all big and brave and country-like when she follows the chickens trying to pet/hold them.

She's very excited to pet one that Brenda's holding... 
...and then does a little bit of a freak out dance when the chicken frantically flaps away!
We all laughed so hard.

How sweet is that baby chick?

Jayda is much more a country girl than Gianna.

I think even the baby chick sensed that...

Brenda's cousin, Paula, made the mistake of telling Gianna to not be afraid if the chicks peed or pooped on her...

...this poor chick ended up on the floor shortly after this picture.

Chelsi and Brenda helping with the chicks.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Getting some agression (or sillies) out on the punching bag.

Gianna was excited to feed the chickens ----

UNTIL, of ourse, she stepped two feet inside the chicken pen. That's when she smelllllled the chickens.  She started gagging and ran out as fast as she could.  "IT SMELLS LIKE POOOOP!!!!" 
You betchya, little city girl!  I swear, that child somehow has my DNA. 

A couple of other silly birds. 

Brenda has a lovely little snack for us on the back porch.  So idyllic. 

What a wonderful spring afternoon.
Thank you Brenda and Chelsi for being such great hosts.


  1. Your daughter and your photos of her are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them. Maria Johnson

  2. What a fun, memorable day!!!!! Beautiful photos!

  3. Mom & I so enjoy getting to play with y'all! :)

  4. Jayda and I had so much fun with ya'll. The pictures are really beautiful.

  5. Something magical happens at a farm home. What a blessing!

  6. oh yay! i love this post! so many fun memories. Couldn't stop giggling. i think we really do need to move to the country. immediately. ha.


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