Monday, July 29, 2013

"Life Crabs at Townberry"

Well, that's Gianna's title for the post.  Actual title should read Live Crabs at Hackberry. We had been invited to my friend's parents' camp out on the Intercostal Canal right in the middle of the marshes of SW Louisiana. 
I didn't tell Gianna where we were heading after church, just that is was a different town.  When we got there I told her the town's name was Hackberry. For some reason, that name didn't stick with her -- it was "Townberry" or "Raspberry" from there on out. 
They caught 7 dozen gorgeous crabs (LIVE crabs! -- which Gianna continued to call LIFE CRABS!) and they boiled them up for us to enjoy.  SOOO good.
We were instructed to dump the shells back in the canal when we were done.
Gianna exclaimed, "Mommy, did you see that boy dump his Life Crabs in the Ocean?"
Gianna asked one of the kids if they could take her to get a fishing license. 
She didn't catch anything - so I think we're good without one for now. 
They did catch a few catfish. 

 And Gianna was thrilled to know there was watermelon.

It was my first time seeing this yellow watermelon.

The best sighting of the day was a great big alligator.  There were two, actually, but I only caught one on film.
Such a fun Louisiana summer day.
Thanks Richards, Babineaux's and Ange's!

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