Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby

I have a friend who is REALLY into all the top Hollywood or Royal news.  She has been cracking me up with all the hype of  the royal baby watch.  I sent her the picture below as she lamented the loooonggg wait in the media.
This morning we had a royal tea party at her house to celebrate the news of the royal birth.
We had Earl Grey Tea, cucumber sandwiches, Jo's Party House cupcakes (a little less than authentic tea-time goody) and even scones....
The sell slice and bake scones now at the grocery store.  For real!

And during out little party, we were thrilled to get the very first Prince Glimpse!


 What a lovely little morning.

Welcome, Wee Little Prince!
May every little baby be so highly anticipated and regally celebrated!

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  1. I found myself wondering if the royal baby had been born yet. My next thought was, "I'll find out from Maria." Gianna's interests help to keep my in the loop. Thanks, G.


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