Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Lovin' Quick Takes

This was a project from art camp.  It was a sculpture that sort of looked like three connected potatoes when she brought it home.  It was a nylon filled with dirt and rye grass seeds.  After a couple of days it looked like this....
Voila....a caterpillar.  Clever.

 Tito and Tita sent this little outfit for G's birthday.  I love when people buy her things I would not typically choose - it's fun to see different sides of her style.  When she saw herself in the mirror she exclaimed, "Ooooh - SASSY!"  
Swinging with Matthew...
 Slip-n-slides just don't get old...
 ...neither does a slide and a hose.
 Just Dance with the big girls. So funny.

 Community Band outdoor concert.  So sorry we missed the first three.

 There was a precious little girls show choir group from a local high school that performed with the band.  You KNOW Gianna was all up in their Kool-Aid getting her groupie on.
(The girl on the right is trying out for American Idol!) 
We also met up with Katelin and her mom who are in for the summer from CHINA!  They were so excited to be reunited.

A sprinkler and a sassy imp...
This is the doll I got her for her birthday.  I think I may even love it more than she does.  It's an Adora doll -- loving that brand.
Anna Catherine plopped herself on G's lap and Gianna said excitedly, "Mommy! I'm holding a REAL baby!"
 And then she DID hold a real baby.  Five week old Zach is one of the new adoption miracle babies we've been praying for.  PRECIOUS.

 Frozen Yogurt with Matthew.  Just after this picture Gianna said, "Matthew, will you marry me."  to which he quickly responded, "Not unless it's in front of a preacher."  (I almost peed in my pants.)
 Millennium  Splash Pad with Isabel who was in town for a visit.

They had a ball. 

Remedy for crazy hot afternoons --- Popsicles!
Gianna got lots of special deliveries for her birthday...including this flower arrangement from one of her favorite families. 
 Had a little summer cold with the added fun of pink eye...
...we made it fun.

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  1. Loving your summer days, Maria! My favorites: "Ooooh - SASSY!" and "Matthew, will you marry me." to which he quickly responded, "Not unless it's in front of a preacher." So precious and funny!!


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