Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Crafternoon

Sarah the Brave is back in town and hosted another Halloween Crafternoon.  Before they moved to New Orleans a few years ago, we had one at her house when the munchkins were 2/3 years old.  That post is HERE. Now that they've moved back and Ben's in school, she had another Halloween shindig for his classmates and a few other friends. 
Sooo creative and fun. 
How cute is all this food?  And YUMMY!
Sarah's mother-in-law helped with some of the preparation.  What an awesome spread!
 And even dry ice for the punch...
And a pop the pumpkin game with prizes.
She had a basket of fall leaves with glitter glue.  So simple. So cute.
 Gianna was very generous with the glitter glue application... it took four days to dry generous.
....Jett helped M.E. with her art project. 
They could glue cottonballs onto black paper to make ghosts....
 Gianna's big ol' ghost.... 
 Sweet Caroline....
Three little goblins.... 
  So cute....
Sweet little munchkins.

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