Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jaunt to Jackson

Up until now, all our excursions in the past eight months have been just Gianna and me. This last weekend in Jackson was our first mini family road trip together. I much prefer traveling with two adults and a baby over just me!

I can’t say enough about how well Gianna adjusts to whatever curveballs we throw at her. This was her first time staying in a hotel. She was a little off kilter – but really she did amazingly well. We just fell in love with Jackson/Ridgeland and are amazed at what that area has to offer. We’re actually a little sad that Laurel and Phillips are moving from there this summer – but we enjoy New Orleans just as well.

{Gianna in her first hotel room.}
It was SUPER cold last weekend so we couldn’t do as much outdoor things as we would have liked. It was so cold in fact, that it actually snowed. (Not much – but you know us Southerners – Snow is Snow!) Iain was impressed that within her 8 months of life – Gianna’s experienced 2 hurricanes (well – RUNNING from 2 hurricanes) and 2 southern snowfalls (I use the term loosely!)
The climax of the weekend was Isabel’s baptism. She was absolutely beautiful - wearing the gown her mother and grandmother wore. And even more special – I became Isabel’s godmother. What a gift and honor. It was a treat to visit with all of her family.
{Maria & Isabel.}

{Beau and Gianna. (I started babysitting for Beau when he was this age!)}{Gianna and Isabel questioning the antics of their mothers.}

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