Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toys R mUSt

"Be sure they have lots of black and white toys for their eyes." "You MUST have the Baby Einstein toys for proper brain development." "You MUST get the Disco Elmo, Tickle Me Elmo, Baby Elmo etc." All those "MUST haves" even before they're a year old."
As I prepared to rotate Gianna's toys (most of which are borrowed or gifts) and redistribute them to various rooms, I thought I might dump them all out in front of her to see what she would do. I usually only have a few toys out at a time - so I figured it would be an interesting experiment. Hmmmmm....
She carefully looked at all the colorful toys strewn about her, touched some, reached for a few, and then went in for her favorite....
....yep. An old measureing cup. I keep one in every basket of toys because she will almost always choose that over anything. My conclusion: a measuring cup, a crumpled sheet of newspaper (with supervision), and a remote could save hundred of dollars and prevent a pretty potent toy addiction!

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  1. That is too funny! I am about to do some toy re-distribution as well...hello Goodwill!


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